Amazon Product Photography Guide and Tips 2022

Imagine yourself checking items online. If the images you see are not visually appealing, would you even consider purchasing the products? Majority of buyers purchase items with their eyes. The image of the product is the first opportunity to generate sales and income because it honestly instills first impressions in the minds of shoppers. In this era of visual information, visual data plays a role, especially in the business world. That is why learning the guidelines and tips about Amazon Product Photography would be a great advantage for business and product owners.

Recently, we hired an Amazon Product Photographer to do product photoshoots and video shoots for my client’s Amazon Product Listings. As his Amazon Project Manager, I help him succeed his business through Project Management, Tech and Marketing. I always see potential in people, and I love extending extra miles in service for my clients.


What is it and how does it work?

In Amazon product photography, photographers use professional techniques in order to catch the attention of potential shoppers. Pictures play a vital role in online selling, businesses, and advertising. Since visual images appeal to the senses first more than the consumption of data, it would be a great step to encourage people to purchase products. Online shoppers appear to be attracted to visual elements first and not the encoded data. That is why professional Amazon product photographers make the pictures of their products alluring for people to avail more. Also, images make a large impact, especially in terms of branding. But to tell you, the nature of this work is not easy.

As an Amazon Project Manager, I observe how challenging product photography is at first. But in order to learn and how to do it professionally, you need to begin with the basics and be mindful of the techniques that should be used for the eye-catching photography of your products.

Interested already? 

Read the following guides and tips on Amazon Product Photography and apply what you have learned to your own Amazon products or brands!





Since product photos play a crucial role in converting sales, sellers and photographers spend hours getting the ideal shots of their products. They usually spend a long time taking multiple shots to make the images of their products market-ready. But it does not end there. You still have to choose and edit the best photos, and fully-accomplish everything before uploading the product photos online because all pictures must be pleasing to the eyes of buyers.   

If you are a seller who wants to take your business to a higher level, you can hire and contact an amazon product photography company or service. You can also pick a dynamic Amazon Project Manager to improve and grow your business. But if you want to do it alone, I listed the following tips to achieve professional product photography for your business. 

Create a Product and Photography Brief. 

Planning on how your product pictures should look and be taken by the photographer is very significant. Amazon Product Photos are different from ordinary photos. These photos are being manipulated graphically to produce graphics design that will be used to attract viewers and generate sales conversion.

Use a white background.

I often see business and eCommerce use plain backgrounds on pictures and logos. But then I realized that photographers use white backgrounds to emphasize full product details and design. It gives a more professional vibe and a cleaner finish that highlights the color of the center. It would be easy for the EBC to manipulate the photos as well EBC/A+ Content.

Adjust lighting.

Right natural lighting makes photos more appealing. Poor lighting affects product quality. In Amazon product photography, the lighting is very crucial as you need to make sure the quality of each shot. Right lighting can actually convert sales! You can see how the dullest product can become its best form due to the right lighting. Although natural light is a good option, you can also try using artificial lighting using reflectors and umbrellas to enhance the qualities of your products more.

Use high image resolution.

You should have to take note of the quality of your pictures. In order to do so, make sure to use a camera with a high-resolution lens. The photos of your products must be incredible and of good quality to enable buyers to purchase your products. 

Consider the Product size.

In taking pictures of your items, you should observe their sizes. It should not appear too small, too big, too close, and too far. It should be shot in a way that it appears just right. There are instances when taking a shot way too small can disregard the small details that should be shown in the picture. Taking a shot way too big, however, could make some features out of focus.

Show different angles of the product.

As a buyer, I always want to know the specific details of the product. Aside from the main image flashed in front, I also want to see its different angles to assess the product details. Buyers like me may not physically visualize the products and what it feels like. That is why photographers must give shoppers a few amount of pictures taken from different angles to help buyers understand how the product will possibly appear when they actually get it.

Utilize steady surfaces or tripods.

Photos may become blurry because of camera shakes. This can be avoided through quality tripods and steady surfaces like tables and boxes. It is best to avoid taking pictures using bare hands because they might be shaky and may produce blurred results. If you want your photos to appear sharp and crisp, use tripods and expect the best results.

Avoid placing unnecessary and additional items with the product.

Maintaining honesty and transparency with your buyers is one of the key aspects of a successful business. One of the best ways to do this is through product photography, where you are expected to photograph the actual product without adding any items unrelated to its actuality. It might cause disappointment especially when they do not get what they expected to have. It is best to show only what you can give and what you sell to your buyers.

Do not use immodest content.

Since you are working for Amazon, you should not use and post indecent objects as it contradicts the standards set for the company. As one of the biggest platforms, you should consider the fact that you are selling worldwide and your customers may come from different countries of various cultures. If you post immodest contents, you might be reported and worse, it will drag your sales and businesses. It is okay to post your products solely and not use mannequins, for instance, and intimate apparel and models. Uploading indecent photos will definitely cause refections from Amazon.



In terms of packaging, you must use different angles to creatively and professionally show your product. Always use white backgrounds to make your product the center of attraction. 


Shot 1: Front Angle Shot 

In taking a picture of the main image, you must use a front-angle shot, zoomed in from the front view, with a clear focus on the text. 

Shot 2: 45 Degrees Angle Shot 

This shot enables you to zoom in shot of the packaging, facing left, and slightly showing the right side. 

Shot 3: High Angle Shot

Show a zoomed-in shot of your packaging facing to the left, and slightly showing the right side.


In terms of products, we used ornament as examples and basis that show the right angles and taking of photos. You can also apply it in your home using DIY materials and methods.

Shot 4: Front view Angle

For the this photo, you have to Zoom-in the product from front vire angle.

Shot 5: Side view Angle

This time you have to zoom-in the shot of the ornament side angle.

Shot 6: Slightly side view Angle

Zoomed-in shot of ornament in a slightly side angle.

Shot 7: Back view angle shot

Zoomed-in shot of ornament from back angle.

After reading the tips and essential guides in Amazon Product Photography, I know for sure that you have gained the basic knowledge and tips in photographing products. You can try it in your home and even in your local businesses! You just need to prepare a good camera, a tripod (or if you do not have any, you can try using steady surfaces), a memory card, a white paper roll or background, and a table. Make sure to use natural light and apply the tips written above. 

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