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drive ez

Excellent, working with Miss Webpreneur was great. Thanks to her knowledge and determination our website looks great and functions really good. 

I recommend anyone that is looking for a custom website to give her a call and speak to Carine, she will guide you to the right direction. Again, appreciate your help in building our website.

Gerald Flotildes / Mary Jean McFarland
Drive EZ Founders

Carine Olaso Virtus
In August of 2021 I hired Carine to help redesign and build a new WordPress website for www.topcoatpainting.ca. Not only did she produce exactly what she said she would do, but her attention to detail was superb. She redesigned the new website without any delay and delivered a final product that surpassed my requirements.

Her communication throughout the process was excellent while providing real-time feedback, Q&A via web tools that made the relationship strong. Being in different time zones, Carine commented on her work and notified me of any question or concern she had. She never assumed anything and always made sure my specific requests were heard. Carine listened to my needs, developed a plan and executed the new WP website with professionalism, handling all the aspects of the design, integrations and development.

I would recommend Carine for any online collaborative project. She is an excellent team player, can professionally deliver design and web services, and met the time requirements that I laid out. I would give her professional services a 10 out of 10!
Paul Stein
Co-Founder, Trusted House Painter
paul stein (1)

I’ve worked with Carine for a long time now and I wouldn’t be where I am without her hard work and expertise. Her work ethic,communication,professionalism and skill set far exceeds my expectations for a freelancer. If she were to be living in my home country, I would hire her full time in an instant. Highly Recommended. 

Erik Winkler Digital Agency

I worked closely with Carine, who promptly replied to my messages,throughout the whole process, and she was incredibly helpful! She was always quick to reply to all my messages ,answer questions,and do everything in the most friendly way! I was so pleased with the work  that Carine did for me. Not only does she offer web development, but she is good at data entry and web content as well . I’ve used her services many times now, and would definitely recommend her to anyone! 

Saad Soufiane | Matejary.com

Whenever  I need to make sure something gets done right the first time I call on Carine, she’s attentive, hardworking and always ask the right questions. She’s top of my list whenever I need a helping hand setting up a website for a client, or padding out of social media calendar of content. I feel so lucky to found her!

Dayle Lang | Positively Negative Podcast
United States of America

I really enjoy working with you. You are smart, a fast learner, detail oriented, responsive, energetic and I would like to continue working together. 

Jen Su | Work and Yoga
United States of America

Carine has helped me in the past and also helps me with our websites, and now Evan’s podcast. She’s really done a wonderful job and is very knowledgeable about SEO, website design, email, social media and more. 

Jined Alessandra Coaching: Life Purpose & Leadership
United States of America

This young lady was born for this. She has mastered her craft but continuously seeks to learn and develop herself. No wonder years later, she will be the best among the best on her field!

Anna Margarita Enrera | Financial Advisor Pru Life UK

Carine is working hard at growing her skills, learning the ins and outs, and bettering her work. I enjoyed working with her and she helped me understand a lot of different topics. Carine has spent hours developing my website and helping to generate traffic. Even with the time difference, she was easy to get ahold of, followed directions, worked hard, and genuinely wanted to see my success. I believe her skills are still growing and developing, but she also is very affordable (so you give a little to get). For the price range that I could afford, she did great work and tried her best. She was GREAT at Instagram posts, engagement, and staying active as well.

Melina Smith | For The Luv of Health
United States of America

Carine did a great job create a Social Media plan.

Elma Mayer | Now Healing
United States of America

Miss webpreneur is totally amazing. She’s a trusted web expert. Very friendly and accommodating.

Frenlie Micah Follero | Financial Advisor Sun Life

Carine is so enthusiastic – quick as flash to respond and a delight to work with. I would hire her again.

Monique Van Tulder | The Urban Mum

Highly recommend Carine. She does a very thorough job! Thank You!

Ainsley Kerswill | Fierce. Fancy. Free

Carine is very knowledgeable and knows a lot about website and SEO. She communicated her findings well and went above and beyond with her solutions. I had a great time working with Carine and would highly recommend her.

Newton Zheng | ePropel

Great Freelancer with an amazing work ethic and willingness to learn. Ended up working with her for a good part of three years on various contracts which in itself is a testament to her keenness to deliver. She would be a great asset to any team

Prashanth Kumar
United Kingdom

Thank you Carine Olaso Virtus for fixing podcast syncing issue with WordPress every time. Now all 120 episodes are on WordPress

Pan He
United States of America

It is a great pleasure to recommend Carine as a web designer. I am impressed by her passion, skills and professional demeanor. As she created, designed and manage my website up to this present time. Carine has been a great asset to my business. I am grateful for her help that shes continued to give, the quality of work, efficiency and overall great service. I am lucky to found her!!

Tere Lebrero
Wonderful!!!. I just announced my 6 day challenge leading up to the live launch on 11/1.
Everything is falling into place. It wouldn’t be possible without your help
I wish you lived closer!. I’d give you the biggest hug.
Mary O'Meara
United States of America

Carine is an Expert. Thank you for accommodating our urgent request (Web Project) and queries. She’s patient and transparent on her working schedule and timeline. #5stars

Princess Danita | Shopwise Philippines

Carine has a deep knowledge in social media and she is also passionate about her work. Everything we discussed as deliverables were handled on time. Carine has significantly  improved our search visibility and website traffic in such a short time frame

Thu Thi | Digital Centrix
United States of America

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